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Luncheon To Commemorate The Battle of Britain
on Monday, Friday 15th September 2017,
in the Officers' Mess, The 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, Albemarle Barracks, Northumberland,
by kind permission of the Commanding Officer.

(Albemarle Barracks is the site of the former WW2 Fighter Station, RAF Ouston)

Photographs courtesy of the Chairman, Tony Nicholls.






1. Welcome to Albemarle.







2. Table Set to dine.






3. Members and friends having a Coffee and Chat.







4. More Chat.






5. (l-r): Mr Alex Nelson, Col. (Retd) Jeremy Feggetter, Mr Brian Staples (partially obscured), and Mr D. Newton, putting the world to right.








6. (l-r): Mrs R. Peterkins, Mr D. Newton, Mrs J. Hart






7. (l-r): Col. (Retd) Jeremy Feggetter, Mr M. Wilkinson, Mrs G Robinson,
Lt Col. (retd) Margaret Davison.







8. (l-r): Mr Alex Nelson, Col. (RetdJ Jeremy Feggetter, Mr M. Wilkinson.







9. (l-r): Mr A. Rogers, Mrs S. Ingram, Mr S. Ingram.






10. (l-r): Mr Tony Worton (Treasurer Northumbria Branch RSSG), Mrs W. Johnson, Mr A. Rogers.






11. (l-r): Mrs A. Rogers, Mr W. Johnson, Mrs Heather Worton.





12. (l-r): Mrs Joan Nicholls, Dr. Bill Toy, Mrs K. Anderson, Mr Ken Anderson.





13. (l-r):  Mr Brian Stables, Mr L. Dent (Guest Speaker), Col. (Retd) Alex Johnson (President Northumbria Branch RSSG).







14. (l-r):  Mrs J. Ophield, Mrs Margaret Woods.







15. Mr Tony Nicholls (Chairman Northumbria Branch RSSG), with his wife, Mrs Joan Nicholls.






16. Mr Len Dent, our Guest Speaker, who gave a very interesting talk about the 'Battle of Britain'.

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