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on Monday, 22nd October 2012, - to High House Farm Brewery, Matfen, Northumberland. 
Members, family & friends being briefed on the operation & history of High House Farm Brewery, Matfen, Northumberland. 
Sniffing the hops used in the brewing process.
These three photographs are of members, family & friends being instructed about the art of brewing real ale, Matten Brewery style.
The best part of the visit, Alex Nelson & Jeremy Feggetter, about to sample the product!

While waiting for lunch to be served 4 different sample of the local ale was offered to members for tasting, and good they were too!

(l-r):  ?, Joyce Lee, Alex Johnson & Kevin Jobson receiving their tasters.
And so the tasting continues:  Tony Worton (nearest the camera right), Tony Nicholson (left) reaching for his taster, Margaret Wood & Maureen Bond (top of the table left).

A member of the Brewery staff explains the finer points of the different ales while everyone listens attentively.

Table in foreground back to camera (l-r): Tony Worton, ?, ?, facing the camera Jean & Tony Nicholls.

(l-r) Jeremy Feggetter, Susan Stewart, Alex Nelson, Kevin Jobson, Alex Johnson.
(l-r): Past-Chairman Kevin Jobson being presented with his Past-Chairman's jewel by current Chairman, Alex Nelson.
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