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Seahaven Branch, Royal Society of St George
Chairman Robert A. Peedle, MBE, TD
Saturday 29th June 2013
Taking the Salute: The saluting party consisted of (left to right) Second World War RAF Aircrew Veteran, Don Mabey MBE who is President of the Seahaven Branch, Royal Society of St George (RSStG), the next is Mr Peter Field, HM Lord Lieutenant for East Sussex, and the third is Cllr Anthony White, Mayor of Seaford.
Major Bob Peedle MBE TD, (on the extreme left) says this photograph is of the 'Chain Gang', too many to name but that was the VIP gathering for the Veterans and Armed Forces Day that we had arranged along with Seaford Town Council for the whole of the Lewes District of East Sussex.  My role, as well as being Chairman of our Seahaven Branch RSStG, was that I was also Chairman of the organising committee and on the day I commanded the parade. Finished the day absolutely tired but very pleased, mind you the great weather had something to do with it as well.
NB: Older members of Northumbria Branch RSStG will recall that, on 23rd April 2008, Major Bob Peedle MBE TD attended Northumbria Branch's Foundation Dinner in Durham Castle, as Vice-Chairman of the RSStG, to present us with our Foundation Certificate (see the relevant photographs in the photographic gallery).
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