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Chairman: Mr Tony Nicholls

Battle of Waterloo Commemoration Luncheon

at Bistro 21, Durham City UK, on Wednesday 18th June 2014

RSSG Branch logo (11Kb)
Photographs courtesy of Tony Nicholls & Kevin Jobson
Photo-1: The three wise men: (l-r):  Events Secretary Mr Alex Nelson; Colonel (retd) Jeremy Feggetter; Branch Chairman Mr Tony Nicholls.

Photo-2 (l-r): Mrs Margaret Wood & her sister, Mrs Joyce Ophield.
Photo-3 (l-r):  Mrs Hilda Tootill, Major (retd) John Tootill, Mr Ken Anderson, Mrs Margaret Anderson, Mrs Margaret Wood, Mrs Joyce Ophield, Mr Sid McAlwane, Mrs Maureen Bond.

Photo-4 (l-r):  Mrs Jean Robinson, Mrs Joyce Lee, Col. (retd) Alex Johnson, Lt Col. (retd) Margaret Davison, Miss Sheila. MacIntyre , Mrs Ursula Jobson, Mr Kevin Jobson, Mrs Hilda Tootill, Maj. (retd) John Tootill.
Photo-5 (l-r): Hilda Tootill, John Tootill, Ken Anderson, & Margaret Anderson all looking happy!
Photo-6 (l-r): In conversation - Hilda Tootill, John  Tootill, Ken Anderson & Margaret Anderson.
Photo-7 (l-r): Conversations galore: Alex Nelson, Jeremy Feggetter paying rapt attention to Chairman Tony!  While Joan Nicholls has a chat with Jean Robinson.

Photo-8 (l-r):  Smiling for the camera - Sheila McIntyre & Ursula Jobson.
Photo-9 (l-r): Also smiling for the 'birdie' - Joyce Lee, Alex Johnson, Margaret Davison.

Photo-10 (l-r):  Hilda Tootill and husband, John, having a moment of togetherness!
Photo-11 (l-r):  Syd McAlwane, Maureen Bond and husband Colin Bond looking good!
Photo-12 (l-r): The three wise men looking happy, well fed and of course much wiser!
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