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Celebrated by members of Northumbria Branch, The Royal Soceity of St George at:-

(formerly the Officers' Mess, RAF Middleton St George, during WWII)
Durham Tees Valley Airport, Darlington County Durham DL2 1RH
on Thursday 16th September 2010

A short history: In 1941 the hotel was a WWII RAF bomber base, RAF Middleton-St-George. After the War it was an RAF Training Station and later became Durham Tees Valley airport as it is today.

Northumbria Branch RSStG - Group photograph (100 Kb)


Photograph, courtesy of a member of the Hotel staff, of members, wives and friends of Northumbria Branch, The Royal Society of St George, taken after lunch outside The St George Hotel, at the Memorial Stone to all those who paid the ultimate price while flying from RAF Middleton St George during WWII.

(l-r): Mr & Mrs Ives, Col. (retd) Alex Johnson MBE, DL, Mr Ken Robinson, Mr Brian Straughan, Mrs Jean Robinson, Mr Alex Nelson, Ms Pauline Morris, Mr Bill Holden, Mrs Ursula Jobson, Mrs Nancy Holden, Mr Norman Wood, Mrs Margaret Wood, Mr Colin Bond, Mrs Maureen Bond, Ms Angela Malcolm, Mrs Audrey Ridsdale, Mr Jack Straughan Sr, Wing Cdr (retd) Dr Derek Hall, Capt. (retd) Dennis Ridsdale, Mrs Linda Webster, Dr Richard Webster and Mr Kevin Jobson.

Photograph: The same group photograph at the Memorial Stone but also, on the right, depicting a statue of a WWII RAF Flyer next to the Flag of Canada and the Union Jack. Another Group Photograph of members of Northumbria Branch RSStG (105Kb)
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